The health laboratory

thehealthbeingLab is a multifunctional project in constant evolution which supports our patients in restoring their general health. It is based on osteopathic principles:

  • Implementing physiological modifications factors against pre-pathological conditions (health)
  • Stabilizing them into a view of global prevention (prevention)
  • Enhancing them. (empowerment)


Carlo Pedrini: born in Saronno on 6 June 1963.
Title of Osteopath (D.O.), obtained by the IEMO – Istituto Europeo di Medicina Osteopatica – Ospedale S. Martino in Genova.
Other studies in the field of Osteopathy and University: propaedeutic frequency of five years at another National Training Institute of Osteopathy.
Professional development courses: regular annual frequency.
Magistral degree in Physical Education: SUISM Scuola Universitaria Interfacoltà in Scienze Motorie – Turin.
University degree: ISEF Lombardy – Istituto Superiore Educazione Fisica e sport – Milan.
Other courses– Pilates: biennal training, Pilates Institute London.
Pancafit: courses of global decompensated stretching at Studio Sport Milan.

Experiences in the field of Osteopathy

Manara Medical Center – Milan; Day Clinic - Aesthetic Medicine Center – Rome; EOS Polyclinic - Physiotherapy Center– Rome; Medica Monte Zebio – Rome; Forum, Wellness Center– Arese (MI); Study of Posturology Panacea – Arese (MI); Triathlon Saronno; Physique du Role Studio Pilates - Lainate (MI)

Cooperate whith M.D. - Support the patient - I believe that best results are obtained through team work. The project, still ongoing, has the objective to implement the quality of the Osteopathic treatments, through a collaboration with medical figures of reference for patients, as indicated by OMS in the document “WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023

Daniela Rosow

I was born in Rome in 1961, to an american father and an italian mother. In Rome I obtained my High School Diploma and I graduated in Law.

Accomplice to the separation of my parents, I started traveling around the world very soon, to reach my father first in Spain, then to the United States...as an objectively unhappy event can be trasformed into a fantastic opportunity!!

I also moved to continue studying, first in
Bruxelles, at the European Commission for an internship at Legal and Corporate Affairs Division, and another at Communication Direction; then in San Diego, in California, for a specialization in Communication and Advertising. I kept moving for work, as a Consultant of External Relations, for a large industrial Italian group, in Russia, in Malesia, in South Korea, in China, in Hong Kong and in Singapore.

I also moved between different working
sectors, Defence, Space, Telecommunications, Shipbuilding, Telemedicine, Healthcare, Publishing, for a while as a Consultant, then as a Manager, passing trough a short, but very enriching experience in a Public Administration and a period, as an entrepreneur, in the organization of big events.

The movement, both physical and mental, it was for me source and procurement of energy, flow of life, treasury of knowledge. 

My meeting with Coaching has happened in 2001, when I had the fortune to work, always within the framework of the External Relations and of the Communication, in a visionary company of telecommunications, forerunner of current offers of services of tlc. The CEO, very wisely, prescribed, for its managers, the attendance of at least four courses of Business Coaching targeted each year.

They have given me effective tools of interpretation of my role as manager, for the achievement of challenging goals; for selection and valorization of my collaborators; to manage and to overcome critical situations; to communicate to the external the values and the objectives of the company.

Those learning have been extremely useful to me, also in the subsequent work experience. It was be a requirement of personal increase, as well as an introspective exalting experience, to continue that journey, attending a Course to become myself a professional Coach. I acquired:

  • International Certification by ICF (International Coach Federation), achieved with the European Coaching & NLP, ACTP Program;
  • International Certification in NLP by INLPTA (International NLP Trainers Association);
  • International Certification of Pratictioner in NLP by INPTA (International NLP Trainers Association);
  • Certification of AICP (Professional Coaches Italian Association);


Help to solve typical Osteopathic problems:

  • Cervical pains, lumbago, hip injury, pain in knees, ankles, shoulder, elbows, ribs etc..
  • Sequelae of traumas (whiplash), neuralgia, migraine, depression, hyperactivity, insomnia, vertigo.
  • Difficult digestion, hiatal hernia, gastric reflux, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome. 

Preventive postural activity of the problems based on skeletal apparatus:

  • Postural and kinesiological techniques.
  • Global postural reprogramming.
  • Contrology of Joseph Pilates and Pilates Studio. 

Collaboration with other professional in the field of health:

  • Phisicians
  • Nutritional Biologists 

Development support of personal growth:

  • Coaching (life, emotional, health, business and career) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Program) 


Specifically, thehealthbeingLab will act through the following methods and specificities:

  • Osteopathic medicine - for the rebalancing of the locomotor, visceral and nervous systems and their interconnections.
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation - for the evaluation and treatment of patients who require, through medical intervention, drug treatments, diagnostic tests, instrumental therapies.
  • Clinical Podiatry, Posturology, Pilates Studio - to optimize and integrate all the aspects involved in the dynamic and static functions of the musculoskeletal system and the relationships they have on health.
  • Nutritional biology - to improve the organic and visceral functions specifically related to the vision of functional medicine, namely the intestinal microbiome, the genome, epigenetics.
  • Life-health coaching and NLP - for the rediscovery of energy and personal resources to strengthen the motivational drive, a necessary condition for changing dysfunctional habits, the main way to improve one's health.

Therefore, we fully share the principles expressed by Functional Medicine for the defense against all those situations that tend to alter the state of homeostasis; they are the same concepts arising from professional, study and life experience that led to the birth of this project, our contribution to help the challenges that life poses.



Most patients who turn to our studio to solve a health problem, making a request of immediate help: «How can I feel better now, while I’m haunted by these pains and discomforts?» Thehealthbeinglab will try to satisfy this request as quickly as possible, in urgent cases or by booking a first meeting, as specified in home page.


«Prevention» target, will be to stabilize the results achieved in the first phase (healt), upholding, therefore, the wellness and health status obtained, in view of personal realization, in balance between somatic perception, psychic/relational,social. Thehealthbeinglab will act on those adaptive physiological systems, present in each of us, which are nothing else than effort that our organism makes daily to adapt to the environment and to the circumstances, which is what Osteopathy defines «Primariness». 


This phase refers to strengthen of “After rebalancing of the causes and contributory causes which have led to the appearance of discomfort, made in phases of Health and Prevention, thehealthbeinglab , in this third phase, will go to enhance all those factors which can avoid or limit the recurrence of symptoms. 

The decades of experience, with thousands of patients and their needs, has convinced us of the need for a multidisciplinary approach in dealing with a problem, even when it is felt limited to a single function.

Carlo Pedrini – Daniela Rosow



For these situations, same-day appointment will be guaranteed.


Choose a day and a time on the availability from the calendar URGENZE (EMERGENCY) 


Send the day and the time chosen through one of the following channels, indicating EMERGENCY:
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  • Message: sms, whatsApp
  • E-mail: info@thbl.it
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    You will receive a confirmation and will be welcomed same day.

COST: 130.00€ 


If you haven’t an urgent problem, you have two options, via web (A) or direct way(B):

A) VIA WEB  (COST: 100,00€)


Choose a day and a time on the availability from the calendar NUOVI PAZIENTI (NEW PATIENTS) 


Send the day and the time chosen through one of the following channels, indicating NEW PATIENT:
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Payng by credit-card or by bank transfer, a deposit of € 50.00, that will be deducted from the cost of the first visit, you will receive: 
  • documents – how to report symptoms– firm’s policy.
  • access to our site of encrypted modules to fill out, your data will be treated in the full tutelage of privacy, how to online banking; this will guarantee the highest level of security


After the compilation, re-send forms directly from our site. Have and analysing your starting anamnestic situation, allow us to fully understand the patient in all aspects related to his health - pains, disease, nutrition, personal and relational situation etc., optimizing the time of first meeting.

N.B.: if the appointment is not cancelled at least three days before the deposit will be retained. 



B) DIRECT WAY  (COST: 130,00€)


Choose a day and a time on the availability from the calendar NUOVI CLIENTI (NEW PATIENTS) 


Send the day and the time chosen through one of the following channels, indicating NEW PATIENT:

Filling out the anamnestic form will be made in the studio at the first meeting, the longest endurance of the visit will therefore lead, higher cost.
We wait for you at our studio for date and time chosen. 



Choose a day and a time on the availability from the calendar PAZIENTI ABITUALI (HABITUAL PATIENTS)


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